Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

So Christmas morning at our house went better than I thought it would. The boys slept until almost 8:30! I think it was the sledding the day before. I woke up before them and was able to get breakfast cooking before they came out it was so nice. Here is B discovering the first present.This is a moment Erik and I will remember forever. Brakken was so excited to give Ryker his gift that he found it and had Ryker open it before Brakken opened any of his own presents. Then for the rest of the "event". Brakken made sure Ryker always had a gift to unwrap. He is such a great big brother.
Batman slippers were a HIT!
The aftermath, with the boys playing with their new loot in the background.

Samurai Sorenson hehe.....aren't his batman pajamas awesome. Burlington Coat Factory is seriously my new favorite place to shop!
Here we are at Great Grandma Arlene Sorenson's getting a little more spoiled. After we went to my grandma's and then back to home where I did absolutely nothing for the next 26 hours and then got some flu bug. So today is catch up....MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Hope the spirit of giving, kindness, and love stays with you everyday until next year!

Christmas Eve...

I love Christmas Eve almost as much as Christmas. My mom has always made that day a special day that has left me with wonderful childhood memories. It is filled with visits from friends, a delicious dinner, and a family home evening where we share thoughts and stories that remind us of the true meaning of this Holiday.
So most years we all gather together at her house to share the evening enjoying all that ensues....This year Erik had a great idea to go sledding. So early that day all The Hermann side cousins got together at a secret place(sorry but it is the perfect sledding mountain and no one was there) and had a morning filled with playing together and waring the kids out. They all seemed to have so much fun that I think we may do it every year.
Then it was back to the Hermann house to get ready for the feast.
This is Debbie Phillips one of our oldest family friends. Deb and her family always stop by to say hi.
Here's some of the appetizers. We devoured dinner so I failed to get any pictures.
The turkey took a while to cook so while we were waiting the Carrolls gave the boys an early Christmas present....
MARSHMELLOW GUNS!!!!! The boys had a blast having a marshmellow war with eachother....Sorry mom and dad if you are still cleaning up after them. While the boys were outside playing another guest appeared. One that was a complete surprise to us all.....
The boys were so excited to see him. It really was such a treat!

After dinner and Santa left, everyone opened the traditional one gift (p.j.'s). Then we snuggled them up and loaded the car to drive home to Salt Lake. The boys were fast asleep when we got home. It was perfect!

gingerbread houses

I love Christmas for so many reasons but one of the biggest things is there are so many ideas and activities to do with the kiddos to keep them entertained and you from going crazy. Last year we made gingerbread houses at the Stocks' house so this year we invited them over to do it at ours....maybe a tradition is forming huh Brit??
So of course I did my pictures backwards I think it's my favorite game! So you get to look from end product back to beginning hehe ENJOY!
Finish Product...I just like that Ry is feeding his face still......you'll see what I mean!
Here's Ryker and Calvin building or really they are eating. Those two boys were on a sugar rush!
Brakken and Elizabeth took the house building pretty serious.
Look at Calvin's cute, full cheeks. Such a stud!
The kids were going nuts waiting for us to be set up for them to start. So silly when those cousins get together!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have had a fun week end. We sure have, and busy. Thursday the boys wore their costumes to preschool and had their first school Halloween party. If I can ever get the pictures off the camera I will post the pumpkins that we did Friday night. Then Saturday Utah celebrated Halloween so we went to a monster block party and then to Ogden for the traditional trick-or-treating with the Pectols, those cousins sure know how to do it right. Our house this year seemed full of superheros good and bad.
Batman visited for a bit...sorry he wouldn't take off his mask to reveal his true identity so you will have to guess.

Venom swung in..."he's a good venom, not the bad one" though...(phew!)

Here are the real superheros relaxing from their crazy superhero life. Hope you all have been good so they don't have to come get you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ryker turns 3!

So for some reason my camera doesn't want to download any pictures. We have the WORST luck with cameras....or maybe they just aren't made well. I don't know. All I do know is that my pictures are being held hostage and I am starting to get pretty irritated about it since there are some pretty cute ones and important ones on there. Oh and our Mac doesn't accept the card or I would just do that.
Anyways back to the real reason I am posting. Our amazing Ry-Man turned three...in September...Yeah I am still a blog slacker. We had such a fun day with him. We went to the Utah State Fair during the day, then had pizza and spider man cake with our family. I think his favorite thing about turning three is that three year olds don't have to take naps....at least that is what he says. His actions speak a little louder, when very often you find him asleep on his bed. Ryker is such a great kid. He is silly and imaginative, takes better care of the dog than the rest of us, and can make feel and know just how much he loves you better than anyone else I know. He is such a perfect end to this family and we are so grateful to have him. We love you Ryker!
P.S. These pics are just some of him through out the last few months....

this is is at the State Fair...Yay for camera phones!

Brakken "The Soccer King" Sorenson

Brakken started playing soccer at the beginning of fall/end of summer. He loves playing and tells us ALL the time. He's on a co-ed league and ended up being the only boy on his team but I think that has only boosted his confidence on his own skills.

Here he is in his uniform

First day of Preschool..

The boys go to preschool at the Salt Lake Community College Campus. It is so nice to have them close to me while I go to class. The first week at school they gave out free cotton candy YUM
Break my heart they look so grown up

Our little guys just keep growing up against all of our protests (well my protests) against it. They have now started preschool and love it soooo much. Though it is hard to find out what they do each day, but that's just another boy thing I have to adjust to I guess.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Missy!

Last post today I promise but it is the MOST important. We just want to wish a Big Happy Birthday to our Grandma/Mom. We appreciate all you do, and hope your year is wonderful! WE LOVE YOU! Happy 25th!

Elder Sorenson

I felt like this deserved it's very own blog. Alex left for the Lansing, MI mission this summer. He went into the MTC on July 7, 2010. We were so glad we went up to Montana and spent a few days with him before he left. He was smiling the entire time, you could tell he was so excited. We miss him already and the boys love to send him "letters".
Alex is a HUGE outdoorsman so this picture is a spoof on his love for Cabelas. By the way he gets to go fishing on his P-days so he is one happy missionary!

This the Fab Five that are still living in Montana, with the exception of the missionary. See how Alex is wearing the U hoody? What a smart guy!
This is the day Alex became an uncle, I just thought it was cute...sorry Alex. But look how young you are and now you are a MAN!
Alex we love you, and are so very proud of you!

Where have we been....

Man I feel like this was the fastest summer of my life! We had so much fun, and did so many things I became such a blog slacker so here's a BIG one to catch up......
One of my baby sisters got married to an awesome guy, named Jordan
My wonderful parents and sister Hannah, love them!
We did some hiking

the Fourth of July...We celebrated in Riverdale, like we do every year.

swinging with cousins, Brakken and Braxton felt it was too hot for shirts, BOYSWe tye-dye our shirts every year, the boys love doing it and I like it better then a generic Old Navy one
Hogle Zoo with ALL, yes ALL, the Hermann side cousins. We love playing with these boys, and were so happy to be with the Carrolls....they currently live in Washington where their dad is going to Law School. We don't get to see them nearly enough, but Nate graduates this December and they will be home. WE CAN'T WAIT!Erik and I actually got some dates in too this is at the REAL Salt Lake game
I was very disappointed it was during the World Cup because I didn't get to see my crush, Kyle Beckerman, but these guys weren't bad to look at

Here we are at the VERY crowded Modest Mouse concert, at least we had eachother
We did a little camping too, this is up in the Uintas, GORGEOUS!
Calvin(our nephew/cousin), Brakken and Ryker are doing chubby bunny. They are so silly

We did so much more, but of course I tried to edit a little.