Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas...

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that Santa is able to bring you all that you want on your list, I hope you get to spend time with family and friends, and most importantly I hope you remember the Reason of the Season and take time to remember Christ and all he did for us! MERRY CHRISTMAS
the Sorensons

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas...

Most of you have heard me rant about how poor we are this year, like most college student families. The kids of course will be well taken care of, but I just kept thinking about Erik and how I wanted to do something special for him since he works so hard, and gives so much up to make our life better. I was driving home from Ogden thinking about just this when the 12 days of Christmas came on the radio and I thought I could do this so cheap. I am starting on the 14th so it will end on Christmas. The week I start will be finals so I really tried to come up with things he could take to school with him and that won't annoy him (he gets a little annoyed when he's stressed out). Here's what I got.....

On the ____ day of Christmas your true love gave to you....
1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree...
Well, a pear picked by me
and bought as a grocery.

2. Two Turtle Doves...
How about two bars of Dove
And a rubber turtle that can join in the tub.

3. Three French Hens...
It was a little pricey to have French Hens sent
So this American chicken wrap was made for your eating enjoyment.

4. Four Calling Birds...
Those four birds flew south it's true
But they left some messages for you...
(I don't think he would like if I shared those but I just wrote him four notes that were sweet)

5. Five Golden Rings..
Apparently I lose bagels just like a certain ring
I hope you enjoy one bagel... at least it's multi-grain!
(If you don't know I lost my wedding ring a couple years ago.)

6. Six Geese a Laying...
Those geese left their eggs just for the taking
So for your breakfast a six egg skillet I am making.

7. Seven Swans a Swimming...
Look closely on the origami swans' wings
They'll get you out of seven diaper changings.

8. Eight Maids a Milking....
Maids don't really milk anymore
Here's your very own gallon bought at the store.

9. Nine Ladies Dancing....
Yeah like I'm going to let you watch nine chicks dance
How about some Pirouette cookies that might make you prance.

10. Ten Lords a Leaping...
I know you don't want to watch ten guys leap
So here's the underwear you desperately need.

11. Eleven Pipers Piping
That sounds loud and very annoying
Instead I made you "piping" hot coffee to get your morning going.
(you could do hot chocolate if you aren't a coffee addict like we are)

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming....
This cd was made with love
there's twelve songs that all have the drums.

I'll let you know how things go. Hopefully he likes it.