Saturday, January 30, 2010


That's right you heard me..Erik is one step closer to being a pharmacist. This is his first project a cough suppressant (I think..)


I grew up in a family of five girls...poor dad. These boys are so new to me I laugh pretty much daily at the things they do, say, and come up with.
So this is a typical day(minus the fights and time-outs)...
We turn into pirates...

Sword fight for the treasure...
Then miraculously Batman shows up to slay the "wolf" a.ka. Rolf the Dog
Swords somehow tie into this also
Then, we play with the trio blocks for Hours!
Brakken can do most of the creations in the book but
this is self-design

Skiing World Cup/ Dew Tour

Erik heard about the world cup being at Deer Valley so we decided to go watch the moguls event.
It was a pretty fun except the sun was going down and smart mommy hadn't packed enough layers for us all.
The kids were a little unhappy when that happened. Hey, it was very spontaneous of a decision to go and I had
less than a hour to get everyone ready. I enjoyed it though...after all it was FREE!

Our friend, Kim, was working the Dew Tour. We had plans to go watch events and see her a little(she lives in Denver
so we don't see her enough). After the whole World Cup thing we were a little nervous about the kids. Luckily we
decided to go and it was AWESOME! The sun was out with blue sky, thanks to the worst air quality in the nation we haven't
seen that recently, the downfall... I over-layered everyone. The boys loved it. Ryker kept trying to slide down the
hill with his boots and would say "I'm skiin'!"

Kim gave the boys beanies that were big they looked like
gangsters....Our friend Jeff was up there and through a quick sign

Daddy and Ryker at Dew Tour
This is at the world cup
A sweet lady asked if we would like a family picture..
We hardly ever get those so I was sooo grateful
Ryker is totally saying "CHEESE!"
Observing the moguls