Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ryker turns 3!

So for some reason my camera doesn't want to download any pictures. We have the WORST luck with cameras....or maybe they just aren't made well. I don't know. All I do know is that my pictures are being held hostage and I am starting to get pretty irritated about it since there are some pretty cute ones and important ones on there. Oh and our Mac doesn't accept the card or I would just do that.
Anyways back to the real reason I am posting. Our amazing Ry-Man turned September...Yeah I am still a blog slacker. We had such a fun day with him. We went to the Utah State Fair during the day, then had pizza and spider man cake with our family. I think his favorite thing about turning three is that three year olds don't have to take least that is what he says. His actions speak a little louder, when very often you find him asleep on his bed. Ryker is such a great kid. He is silly and imaginative, takes better care of the dog than the rest of us, and can make feel and know just how much he loves you better than anyone else I know. He is such a perfect end to this family and we are so grateful to have him. We love you Ryker!
P.S. These pics are just some of him through out the last few months....

this is is at the State Fair...Yay for camera phones!

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