Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The family that skis together...


It was Spring Break last week so we went to ALTA with the boys. We only did the surface lifts since they were free, although at three o'clock they have a lift that is also free AND is a decent run , just Erik and Brakken went on it once since it started to snow pretty hard and it was really windy. We had so much fun and for once Erik and I were so happy when the kids were crying because they didn't want to leave. Even with the bad weather, they liked skiing! YES! Next time you all should grab some gear and come with us.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is what Erik thought of turning 28 HEHE! Happy Birthday Erik! We LOVE you OH so much!

Four Years Old!

Du DuDu Duuuu! After six months of asking when his birthday is going to be, Brakken ran into our room at 7:30 A. M. on March 3rd with one of the balloons we had blown up for his decorations declaring, it was FINALLY his birthday. We can't believe how fast time has gone. Everyday Brakken makes us laugh with his clever and funny statements, he impresses us with his kindness and caring, and he shows us how much trouble we are going to be in during the teenage years with his mischief and control issues (he is the oldest)....

This year Brakken asked for a spiderman cake. I found this on someone's blog..so easy and cute....Really by far is the only cake I am proud to say I made.
We spent most of the afternoon at the Kangaroo Zoo, best indoor kids place I have ever gone too. Your kids can play forever and then they are so tired after. I only wish I would have known about this place sooner so the winter would have been easier.

Look at the red faces!!! Brakken is with his cousin Elizabeth here... this is the only picture we have where any of the kids are together.
Thank you to everyone who gave gifts, cards, or just called to wish a Happy Birthday really it meant so much to Brakken. (Every time the phone rang Brak would get so excited and say "Is it for me?") He really loved celebrating his birthday.