Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

So Christmas morning at our house went better than I thought it would. The boys slept until almost 8:30! I think it was the sledding the day before. I woke up before them and was able to get breakfast cooking before they came out it was so nice. Here is B discovering the first present.This is a moment Erik and I will remember forever. Brakken was so excited to give Ryker his gift that he found it and had Ryker open it before Brakken opened any of his own presents. Then for the rest of the "event". Brakken made sure Ryker always had a gift to unwrap. He is such a great big brother.
Batman slippers were a HIT!
The aftermath, with the boys playing with their new loot in the background.

Samurai Sorenson hehe.....aren't his batman pajamas awesome. Burlington Coat Factory is seriously my new favorite place to shop!
Here we are at Great Grandma Arlene Sorenson's getting a little more spoiled. After we went to my grandma's and then back to home where I did absolutely nothing for the next 26 hours and then got some flu bug. So today is catch up....MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. Hope the spirit of giving, kindness, and love stays with you everyday until next year!

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