Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I can't put this off any longer, but pictures will have to come later since I can't find the cord to download from the camera.  On September 12th Ryker turned two years old!  He is officially a toddler which means I officially no longer have a baby in my house.  We had a quiet day, since it wasn't a party year, but he played with Hudsie, (Hudson) his favorite cousin, went to the park, and got a new bike that he rides all day every day.  He seemed to enjoy all the attention and the fact that we didn't make him share for one day.  I can't believe how one number makes him just seem bigger.  He seems to act and look like a toddler now and not that baby I was able to cuddle and coddle for the last little bit.  He adds to our home so much with his laugh, his smile, and even his tantrums.  We love him so much!  Happy Birthday Booger!