Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve...

I love Christmas Eve almost as much as Christmas. My mom has always made that day a special day that has left me with wonderful childhood memories. It is filled with visits from friends, a delicious dinner, and a family home evening where we share thoughts and stories that remind us of the true meaning of this Holiday.
So most years we all gather together at her house to share the evening enjoying all that ensues....This year Erik had a great idea to go sledding. So early that day all The Hermann side cousins got together at a secret place(sorry but it is the perfect sledding mountain and no one was there) and had a morning filled with playing together and waring the kids out. They all seemed to have so much fun that I think we may do it every year.
Then it was back to the Hermann house to get ready for the feast.
This is Debbie Phillips one of our oldest family friends. Deb and her family always stop by to say hi.
Here's some of the appetizers. We devoured dinner so I failed to get any pictures.
The turkey took a while to cook so while we were waiting the Carrolls gave the boys an early Christmas present....
MARSHMELLOW GUNS!!!!! The boys had a blast having a marshmellow war with eachother....Sorry mom and dad if you are still cleaning up after them. While the boys were outside playing another guest appeared. One that was a complete surprise to us all.....
The boys were so excited to see him. It really was such a treat!

After dinner and Santa left, everyone opened the traditional one gift (p.j.'s). Then we snuggled them up and loaded the car to drive home to Salt Lake. The boys were fast asleep when we got home. It was perfect!

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