Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elder Sorenson

I felt like this deserved it's very own blog. Alex left for the Lansing, MI mission this summer. He went into the MTC on July 7, 2010. We were so glad we went up to Montana and spent a few days with him before he left. He was smiling the entire time, you could tell he was so excited. We miss him already and the boys love to send him "letters".
Alex is a HUGE outdoorsman so this picture is a spoof on his love for Cabelas. By the way he gets to go fishing on his P-days so he is one happy missionary!

This the Fab Five that are still living in Montana, with the exception of the missionary. See how Alex is wearing the U hoody? What a smart guy!
This is the day Alex became an uncle, I just thought it was cute...sorry Alex. But look how young you are and now you are a MAN!
Alex we love you, and are so very proud of you!

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