Sunday, April 17, 2011

The truth that no one told me....

The truth is I am scared. Daily, nightly, constantly I am scared. My thoughts are always consumed with you and what I am doing for you.
I am always scared that I am doing it wrong, that I am hurting you, that you aren't going to be happy.
I am always scared for how you will deal with the world, out there, beyond me. Are you strong enough? Have I helped you to know you are AMAZING, you are LOVED, you are the GREATEST person I know?
I am scared that you will hate me. That you will grow away from me.
And then today laugh, you hug, you play, you teach, and you smile ALL day....and then I know. I know for one day that you are exactly where and who you ought to be. I know you are HAPPY and that is exactly what I want, hope, and pray for you.. I am so proud of you....I just love you! I will always LOVE YOU!

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