Friday, February 26, 2010

The Gala

Last night Erik and I attended a gala put on by the pharmacy program ...very exciting! I finally had a reason to wear the red cocktail dress that has been sitting in my closet for 5 years. Other than getting to dress up it wasn't what I anticipated. It took us 15 minutes to find a seat since there wasn't enough chairs. The food was suppose to be delicious but it was a big flop, (Luckily I had made lasagna for the boys dinner so we had that to come home to) they actually ran out of food at the open house style event, so anyone after seven didn't get anything but dessert crepes to eat. But it wasn't ALL bad. The money went to a great charity which really was the reason for going and the auction seemed like it went pretty well. I finally met the people that spend more time with my husband than I do and really liked them...I even found a new hair dresser that is a spouse of one of Erik's better friends at school. The view from on top of the Rice-Eccles Stadium was AMAZING! I so regret not taking the camera. Erik and I won a giftcard from the raffle to THE PIE (yay! I have been craving the veggi pie from there and we can't afford that place). Most importantly I had a night out ALONE with the man I love oh so much. Really the amount of dates Erik and I go on in a year is about three....Anniversary and Birthdays. Any extra nights I get with him mean so much to me....THANKS Kayla for coming up from Provo to watch the boys I am so grateful!

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