Saturday, January 30, 2010


I grew up in a family of five girls...poor dad. These boys are so new to me I laugh pretty much daily at the things they do, say, and come up with.
So this is a typical day(minus the fights and time-outs)...
We turn into pirates...

Sword fight for the treasure...
Then miraculously Batman shows up to slay the "wolf" a.ka. Rolf the Dog
Swords somehow tie into this also
Then, we play with the trio blocks for Hours!
Brakken can do most of the creations in the book but
this is self-design


  1. THANK YOU SHARILYN FOR UPDATING. I love watching the kids grow via pictures. Wish I was there in person *teary eyes*. I love you guys and miss you all. I love these pictures that capture the days activities.
    Boys are amazing!! I love you Brakken and Ryker.
    Grandma Missy

  2. love it! looks like my kids, swords, capes, costumes all year round, boys are an adventure different than girls!